Hello there! I'm Alex - photographer, hype woman and lover of love

I got my first camera in middle school, and loved it instantly. But once I started taking photos of people a few years later, I completely fell in love and never looked back. I have a degree in commercial photography (that has never been asked for but I swear exists) from SEMO and over 9 years of experience in the wedding industry. My enthusiasm for photography, interest in people, and a "can do" attitude has led me to a career I really love. 

I have a very cute husband named Andy who works in graphic design, and a dog named Murphy who is equal parts hilarious and completely high maintenance. I am a bit of a houseplant nerd, and am currently working on leveling up my outdoor gardening skills. My ideal Sunday off is spent outside on my deck, reading a book in the sunshine. And while I'm dreaming up an ideal scenario, hopefully someone will be handing me an ice cold spicy margarita on the rocks. 

Want to bring your dog to the engagement session? Or have a puppy ring bearer? I'm in! My answer to including pets in the fun is always "yes!" 

ultimate dog person 


From making sure your veil is laying perfectly to corralling your wedding party, I take my wing woman job title seriously.

veil wrangler


I was recently a bride, so I understand the pressure and excitement of planning your wedding. Coupled with my years of experience in the wedding industry, I can help guide you through the process!



Lime La Croix

Can't live without

Remembering song lyrics from the early 2000's

Secret talent

French fries

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Romance novels 


Spicy Margarita

cocktail of choice

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.



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